With the approval from the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as THHC) is a solely state-owned limited liability corporation funded by Tsinghua University based on the integration of enterprises under Tsinghua University . With a registered capital of 2 billion RMB, THHC is a legal entity that adopts independent operation, takes sole responsibility for its profit and losses (self-finance support), and has a system of self-development and self-discipline. Sound parent-subsidiary relationships were established between THHC and its invested enterprises through capital. THHC performs legal management on the state-owned assets and state-owned share equity developed from its invested enterprises, and focuses on industrialization of technical achievements, incubation of high-tech enterprises, investment management, asset/capital operation, etc. THHC plays a major role in enterprise development, asset integration, structure regulation and interest coordination within Tsinghua University .

Enterprises invested by THHC include:

Listed companies with shares directly or indirectly controlled by THHC such as Tongfang Co., Ltd., Chengzhi Shareholding Co., Ltd., and Unisplendour Co. Ltd.;

Holdingenterprises such as TusPark Co., Ltd., Beijing Solar Ltd., Unigroup Ltd., CapitalBio Corporation, Venture Capital, and Huahuan Electronics Co., Ltd.;    

Share-holding enterprises such as Cernet, Zehua Chemical, and Global Safety Technology Co., Ltd., etc.

Business scope of enterprises invested by THHC involves information technology, energy conservation & environmental protection, life science, technical service and knowledge industry, etc.

IT business deals mainly with PC and peripherals, applied information systems, Internet and its application, IC chip design and manufacturing processes, digital TV technology and transmission equipment, etc.;

Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection business deals mainly with exploitation and utilization of novel energy resources (nuclear and solar, etc.), clean fuel and sewage treatment, and utilization of energy conservation technologies such as geothermal resources and intelligent air-conditioning, etc.;

Life Science business deals mainly with gene medicine, medical instrumentation and equipment, bio-chips and related equipment, etc.
Technical Service and knowledge industry deals mainly with science park establishment, scientific and technological achievements incubation, high-tech enterprise cultivation, investment consulting, finance consulting and training, decoration design, etc

As the only Class A state-level university science parks approved by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology, Tsinghua Science Park has built up a perfect platform for the development of science and technology industry, and has become an important base for enterprises in pursuit of scientific and technological innovation.

THHC speeds up industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and enhances independent innovation capability of enterprises according to the desire of (request for the) “establishing a technical innovation system following the principles of enterprise dominance, market-leading and integrated activities of study, research and manufacturing.” Consequently, successes in the “Demonstration Project of High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor”, “Demonstration Project of Hydrogen Refueling Station”, “Flue Gas Desulfurization by Liquid Column Injection”, “Liquid Security Inspection System”, “Railway Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System”, and “High-Brightness LED Chip”, etc. have been achieved. Meanwhile, THHC and its invested enterprises initiated interactive scientific research activities with Tsinghua University . In these years, the total amount of contract money in this regard accounts for 20% to 25% of all R&D contracts signed by Tsinghua University and non-governmental organizations and enterprises.

THHC has ranked among the top 500 enterprises by revenue in China from 2003 through 2006, and ranked among the top 500 enterprises by competitiveness in China in 2005 and 2006, respectively. THHC’s quality management system has been authenticated by ISO9001: 2000 and GB/T190012000 in 2007.

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