Innovation is the soul of a nation, while scientific and technological advancement is the driving force of an enterprise.

Development of high-technology and its industrialization is an important embodiment of a comprehensive university’s three major functions: teaching, research and social service. Following our University Motto -- Self-Improvement and Social Commitment, THHC regards transferring of scientific and technological advancements to industry as her tenet. Through the establishment of a modern, international scientific and technological enterprise group with continuous innovation, values of university achievements in science and technology will be comprehensively upgraded, and ways to develop a first-grade high-tech business is explored.

Closely relied on the strong scientific and technical strength and rich personnel resources of Tsinghua University , and according to the operating mode of “technology plus capital”, THHC makes great efforts to establish a batch of core enterprises with strong market competitiveness.

We are eager to cooperate with capable people both at home and from abroad, to integrate various resources effectively, together to set up a broad stage for entrepreneurship and development, to establish a virtuous circle between scientific innovation and industrialization, so as to create social wealth and business brilliance.

We insist on principles like ‘people-centered approach’, ‘devoted aspiration’ and ‘doing is better than saying’; we persist in pursuing excellence, returning to shareholders and serving the society.

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