History and Milestones   

  • Feb. 1980      Tsinghua Technical Service Co., Ltd. established in Feb 1980,
                         the first technology enterprise among universities in China.
                         technology    enterprise of university in China . 

  • Aug. 1988     Establishment of Tsinghua University S&T Development Co., Ltd. 
                        established in Aug 1988, the first comprehensive technology
                        enterprise of Tsinghua University.

  • Dec. 1991     Total sales income of Tsinghua science and technology enterprises
                        exceeds one hundred million Yuan.

  • Jul  1993      Tsinghua Unisplendour Co., Ltd. established in Jul 1993, the first group
                        corporation of Tsinghua University. . 

  • Aug. 1994     Tsinghua Science Park Development Center established in Aug 1994,
                        establishment of the Park launched in an all-round way . 

  • Aug. 1995      TTsinghua University Enterprise Group established in Aug 1995, 
                         enterprises of Tsinghua entered a new phase of orderly management. . 

  • Jun.  1997      Tongfang Co. Ltd. went IPO -- the first listed company of
                         Tsinghua University.. 

  • Dec.  1997      The total sales income of Tsinghua science and technology
                          enterprises exceeds one billion Yuan.. 

  • 1999 to 2000    Chengzhi Shareholding Co., Ltd. and Unisplendour Co. Ltd.
                           went IPO successively. 

  • Dec.  2001       The total sales income of Tsinghua science and technology enterprises
                           exceeds ten billion Yuan

  • Dec.  2003      Establishment of THHC through asset integration, absorption,
                          merger and reform of Tsinghua University Enterprise Group, Tsinghua    
                          Science Park Development Center and Tsinghua Unisplendour
                          Corporation Ltd. Since then, Tsinghua enterprises follow the operation
                          track of modem enterprise system.

  • Jun.  2005      A strategic cooperation agreement is signed between THHC and
                         China Development Bank.

  • Mar.  2006      THHC accomplished non-tradable share reform of three listed
                         companies, i.e. Tongfang Co., Ltd., Unisplendour Co., Ltd. and
                         Chengzhi Shareholding Co., Ltd.

  • Dec.  2006     Major part of Tsinghua Science Park completed with a land
                        area of 690,000 square meters, and serves as an important
                        platform for the industrialization of technical achievements of
                        Tsinghua University, and also an incubation base for
                        innovative enterprises.

  • Dec.  2006    Main business income of THHC exceeds twenty billion Yuan.

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