Tsinghua Science Park was established in 1994. It has been approved by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology as the first State-level university science park in May, 2001, and as the only Class A state-level university science park in October, 2003.

Being adjacent to Tsinghua University campus, Tsinghua Science Park is headquartered in the core of Zhongguancun area with a land area of 25 hectares. Tsinghua Science Park was completed in 2006 with a construction area of 690k sq. m, which becomes an important base for industrialization of technical achievements of Tsinghua University , incubation of innovative enterprises and cultivation of creative personnel. Tsinghua Science Park builds up a perfect software/hardware platform of study, research, and manufacture for the development of technical enterprises.

With the first-class facilities, perfect services and the advantage of Tsinghua University, Tsinghua Science Park attracted a number of recognized multinational companies, listed companies, and technical innovative enterprises to station inside. Presently, among the 400-plus companies and corporations in the Park, one can see Microsoft, Adobe, Deutsche Bank, Google, SUN, NEC, SLB(Schlumberger), P&G, etc. More than 20 are listed companies, and over 200 enterprises are under incubation.

As an integrated extension of Tsinghua University’s social service function, Tsinghua Science Park offers not only opportunities for enterprise incubation, high-tech R&D, innovative personnel cultivation and technical achievement transfer, but also high quality services (including logistics, human resources, capital and technology, enterprise support and information exchange, etc.) aiming at commercial extension and channel build-up for the enterprise with sources like government, universities and society.

The seven branch sites of Tsinghua Science Park (Kunshan, Shanghai, Tong Fang Wuxi and so on) are located within Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, and round-Bohai-sea area, respectively. A nationwide network of Tsinghua Science Parks is being established, with the purpose of enhancing regional innovative capability and making a bigger contribution to the regional economic and technical development.

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