In order to meet the target of enabling Tsinghua University to rank among the top universities worldwide, THHC is, in addition to accelerating industrialization process of high-tech achievement at home, paying close attention to high-tech developments abroad, enhancing international technical cooperation, and insisting on constant technical and product innovations. This is implemented by introduction of advanced technology and excellent person, establishment of technical research and development companies overseas, station of multinational companies in Tsinghua Science Park and export of high-tech products with independent intellectual properties, etc., to increase opportunities for international cooperation and exchanges.

Products like L-Glutamine and D-ribose of Chengzhi Shareholding Co., Ltd. under THHC have posed a market situation with demand exceeding supply. In fact, Chengzhi Shareholding Co., Ltd. has become a leading supplier of these two products in the international market. With the first-class facilities, perfect services and the advantage of Tsinghua University, Tsinghua Science Park attracted among 400-plus of recognized multinational companies, listed companies, and technical innovative enterprises to station inside, one can see Microsoft, Adobe, Deutsche Bank, Google, SUN, etc. The THSCANTM Container/Vehicle Inspection System of Nuctech Co., Ltd. has been widely used by 53 countries including UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Argentina, Ecuador, Qatar and Syria .

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